Get Your Stall at our Spring and Summer Markets

We’re excited to share our dates for

Spring and Summer in the Grainger Market

Join the best artists, designers and makers in the North East.

Book now for:

  • Saturday 5th May
  • Saturday 2nd June
  • Saturday 7th July
  • Saturday 4th August

The market runs 9-5 in the Grainger Market events space. A table and chairs are provided. Stallholders must have public liability insurance for £5million to take part. Please confirm you have this when booking and read our Stallholder Agreement for further details.

To book just email with which dates you would like. If this will be your first market with us please send some photos of your work or a link to your website or facebook page.

Happy 2018!

The Make & Mend Market is back from the Christmas break and ready to bring you amazing jewellery, ceramics, art, textiles and plenty more.


Makers, designers, artists!

Bring your creative work to the Grainger Market. Book for our first markets of 2018:

  • Saturday 3rd February
  • Saturday 3rd March
  • Saturday 7th April

Stalls are £25. Please read our Stallholder Agreement (396KB PDF) before booking. You will need public liability insurance cover for up to £5million.

To book email with which dates you’d like, confirm you have the required public liability insurance and have read our stallholder agreement.

If this is your first market with us please send some photos or a link to your website, these may be used to promote you at the market.

The Grainger Market is getting a new roof next year. The Make & Mend will still be in its usual spot during these works and we’re figuring out the best plan with the markets team to avoid disruptions. Things should be mostly as normal but if that’s ever not the case I’ll be sure to let you know with plenty of time.

If you have any questions just ask.

Are you ready for Autumn & Winter at the Make & Mend?

It’s been a great Summer so far! We’ve got one Summer market left on the 5th August (only two stalls left if anyone wants to snatch a last minute spot) but it’s time to start thinking about Autumn and Winter. And Christmas.

Our Dates for September to December.

Right in the heart of Newcastle City Centre, the Grainger Market:

  • Saturday 2nd September
  • Saturday 7th October
  • Saturday 4th November
  • Saturday 2nd December

Stalls are £25 and you’ll need Public Liability Insurance for £5million to take part. For full details read our Stallholder Agreement (397KB PDF file).

To book just email with which dates you would like, confirm you have the required public liability insurance and have read our stallholder agreement.

If this is your first time at the market send some photos of your work when booking so we know what to expect. These photos may be used to help advertise you coming to the market.