About Public Liability

If you’re new to markets the chances are you were surprised to learn that you need public liability insurance. It might seem like a bit of a big commitment, specially if your doing this for a hobby but once you have it you can trade at any market in the country.

What is it?

Public and products liability insurance covers you against claims of injury that may have been caused by your being at the market. In short it protects you from the costs of accidental injury to the public. Pretty useful really. Not only does it protect you against liability for those accidents but it shows the market organisers that you are serious about your work, safe and trustworthy. Even craft fairs that don’t require this insurance will consider it a bonus if you have it.

Who needs it?

If you sell your work to the public then you will benefit from having it, this includes markets, exhibitions, specialist fairs and conventions – though the amount of cover varies £5million tends to be the most common amount of cover required. The Make & Mend events in the Grainger Market are a good example of this, stallholders need to have public liability cover for up to £5million.

How can I get it?

You can get Public and products liability insurance from most known insurers. It’s worth checking with your existing insurer as they can sometimes offer very good deals. If you have any kind of business insurance you may already have public liability included, check with your insurer.

Combined Market Traders Insurance Association offers affordable public and products liability. It’s suitable for market traders of all kinds and is easy to apply for, just fill in the short form and send it off.

If you’re an individual artist (not a group business) then I would recommend membership with AIR. Membership includes public and products liability insurance and is only £38. Their definition of artist includes but isn’t limited to traditional art, photography, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, mixed media, interactive arts, crafts and even performance art. If you’re not sure this includes you then you can easily contact them.

Questions or suggestions?

Get involved in the conversation and leave a comment below. What’s your experience of public and products liability? Have you had to claim? Is there such a thing as too much cover?

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  1. […] Many markets, like the Make and Mend, require it’s stallholders to have Public Liability Insurance (usually for up to £5million). Make sure that you bring your documents along on the day, you never know when the market inspector might need to see them. If you’re unsure what public liability is and how to get it then you should read our post on it, About Public Liability. […]

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