Meet Nikki Brewster of Nolaseanstudio

As part of our virtual markets we’re interviewing makers from across the North East. Shop local and shop small. If you’d like to get involved or help out the local creative community you can check out the #virtualmakeandmend hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Nikki has been working in the creative industry for 7 years but has only recently set up Nolaseanstudio for her unique artwork, screenprints and sculpture. Her current range includes these vibrant collaged circles inspired by pop art and found textures.

We asked Nikki some quick questions about what she’s been up to recently.

Have you started a new project during lockdown?

Quite a few, generally lots of planning for after all this over!

Do you have any advice for new makers?

Curate a community of fellow creatives their support and energy will get you through anything and have a good/great online presence.

Do you have any suggestions for ways we can connect and promote as a community?

Utilise instagram and Facebook more, especially instagram stories, hashtags to build an audiences. Doing collaborations!