Market Days

Make & Mend 1950s Special – A review in photos.

We had a fantastic time last Saturday. Joining in with the Grainger Market’s October Festival, 1950’s themed celebrations. It might have been a little cold for some of our dresses but we had a grand time all the same. We love a good excuse to dress up.

Did you take some photos at our market? We’d love you to share them.

As if that bit of excitement wasn’t enough we got a wonderful write up on F6.Studios blog for our October event and a lovely piece in November’s The Crack, giving readers a run down of our upcoming markets and our wonderful stallholders.

What’s that? Upcoming markets?

Why yes. Our Christmas market is the next up and final for this year, on Saturday 14th December at the Star and Shadow Cinema. Our next few blog posts will be introducing you to some of the wonderfully talented stallholders joining us for this year’s Christmas shindig. So, keep your eyes peeled. If you’re the Facebook type we have an event set up, please join and invite your gang. There’ll be festive tunes (and not so festive ones too to keep it interesting) and mince pies to warm you through. See you there folks.

Market Days

Boardgame Jam with Paul Thompson at Saturday’s Market

Next weekend, we’ll be running a Boardgame Jam as part of the Make and Mend Market at the Star and Shadow Cinema.

This is going to be pretty informal, I’ll be there from ten till four. I’m certainly not an expert, but I do have some ideas and will be bringing worksheets and a box of ideas to get people started thinking about themes and mechanics.

A little bit of structure is useful: deadlines help the creativity along and if people are working to a timetable at least we can figure out when we’re playing each others games – so here’s how it’ll work:

  • 10am and 11am: Talk about boardgames, come up with ideas and get people started.
  • Make Prototypes individually or in groups.
  • High Noon: Play the games people have made, and discuss how the games can be made better.
  • 1pm: Talk about boardgames, come up with ideas, get people started.
  • 2pm: Play the games people have made, and discuss how the games can be made better
  • Make Prototypes individually or in groups.
  • 2:30pm: Talk about boardgames, come up with ideas, get people started.
  • Make Prototypes individually or in groups
  • 3:30pm: Play the games people have made, and discuss how the games can be made better

The other thing I’ll be bringing is a huge box of boardgame bits that we can use to create mashups with: Any collision of Monopoly and Risk seems almost guaranteed to be greater than the sum of its parts.

If you’d like to attend, please consider bringing an old boardgame that we can hack up and a donation of three or four quid to pay for any bits and pieces you use or take away with you at the end.

Recommended Reading:

If you’re interested in board game design and playtesting, you should check out this boardgame playtest group – there are fortnightly meetings in Newcastle, usually on Tuesday evenings in the Bridge Hotel organised by Daniel Howard.

If you’re looking to buy bits to make boardgames you can buy massive stacks of games at the various charity shops around Newcastle, but you’ll get better results in places like North Shields and Whitley Bay. Mosaic sets are good for lots and lots of pieces to use as generic tokens.

If you want high quality bits, check out Board Game Extras.